Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Things have gone seriously downhill when I start quoting the Little Rascals.  But I couldn't resist, because last night I planted buckwheat seeds in the backyard.

I needed some type of cover crop to hold the dirt in place until I can get plants in everywhere.  Last Fall I planted Hairy Vetch which was pretty successful, but it didn't till in quite as easily as I had hoped.  It was sort of viney, and then the vines wrapped around the rototiller tines.  Sure, it came off easily, but it wasn't optimal.

I went to Redenta's and explained my conundrum and they suggested buckwheat as a cover crop.  They had 3 packages, and I bought all three.  I've planted one and a half packages so far.  The package says it likes sun, and I'm worried that my remaining areas aren't sunny enough.

I planted it in 2 areas, and then I staked them off.  The staking was partly to give the dog guidance and partly to give some guidance to a contractor who will be in my backyard on Thursday.  It turned out that I liked the look of having the yard sectioned off, so I also staked off my three flower beds where seeds are sprouting.  (It looks like all my sunflowers came up!!)  It has the benefit of breaking the yard up into manageable sections, it keeps the dog mostly out of areas where I don't want the seeds disturbed, and it also helps me remember what I have planted where, until the plants become identifiable.

Then I put down some rectangular pavers that I have on hand around the new plot of St. Augustine.   Mostly to contain it, partly to provide additional dirt cover, and partially because it looks nicer with a defined border.  I think I will make some type of concrete stones to edge it, but I haven't decided.  The pavers aren't my favorite, but I do have a heap of them on hand.  I also want/need to make some type of sign for the yoga platforms that says, "No Shoes, Please" as folks seem to be inclined to hop up on them with shoes on when I'm not looking.  One, you've probably learned that I think the bottoms of shoes are filthy; two, the soles leave prints on my beautiful surface; and three, hello, I lay up there, I'm trying to keep them clean...

Here's my yard this morning in the dappled sunshine.  Yes, the herbs are still sitting in their seedling pots... I still haven't gotten them planted in front.  Trust me, they are like an albatross around my neck... but they still look quite happy and healthy, so there's that...

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