Monday, April 11, 2011

Owl Shacks!

I got the owl houses built!  My neighbor came over and we built one for each of us, and installed them:

My owl house in the big pecan tree out front

I found the plans online courtesy of Shaw Creek Bird Supply.  You may view the plans here:

The boxes were very easy to build, and the cost was about $20 per box; it was a fun project.  My neighbor had so much fun with it she wants us to start a business making and selling them --  I so don't have time for that!  It was fun to have someone share my enthusiasm for the project though.

She is going to go buy the cedar shavings today; I've read you are supposed to put 3 inches of shavings inside the box.  I've read conflicting information on how high to hang the boxes and which direction to face them, so we'll see how these do.  We hung them facing North/Northwest as suggested by Shaw Bird Supply. 

After additional research, I think I'll give it a light coating of paint with a sponge to camouflauge the box; apparently that helps with predators.  I've also read you can rub some paraffin on it to discourage bees.  Hmmm.  The good news is, everything I've read seems to say the same thing about house size so it appears we got that part right.  And most everyone calls them owl shacks.  I like that...

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