Thursday, December 16, 2010

Footings: Day Two - morning

So today is Day Two of footings construction.  Vic arrived during morning coffee, causing Red and I to scurry.  I threw on some street clothes -- thinking I'd just briefly be outside to greet Vic and get him set up.  90 minutes later I gimped back into the house, my fingers and toes little pink blocks of ice.  I should have known better.

I did learn how to use a plastic tube -- like a garden hose type of tube -- with water in it as a level... and I learned about double headed nails... so there's that.  Twice during the 90 minutes he threw out the old familiar phrase, "oh yah, I have a tool in the van for that."  And he did.

He says he'll have the 4 footings against the house poured today, and he hopes to dig out the remaining 3 holes down to their necessary depth. 

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