Thursday, December 16, 2010

Footings: Day Two - Evening

Vic got the first four of the seven large footings poured today.  They look picture perfect:

Here are what the embeds look like:

That's one upside down (left) and one right-side up.  These large ones are 12" square and 4" high. When they are embedded into the concrete, 4 of them need to be 3'1" below the finished floor of my kitchen, and 3 of them need to be set 4'11" below the finished floor of my kitchen.  Tricky.  Some of the holes are quite deep -- 3 feet or more.  Vic said he would look for China-men when he was digging.  He's a funny guy...      The holes are lined with rebar for support.  He made the footing that will be under the portion of steps holding the rain barrel extra stout, since that will be 417 pounds of extra weight.  All in all -- some fairly serious footings.

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