Friday, November 12, 2010

A Potential "Event"

One of my neighbors who is particularly gifted at decorating and arranging things once told me that as you walk through your house or garden that you should have "events" -- random items in random places -- to catch your eye and guide you along your path.  I was taken with the use of the word "event" and of course wanted some, and immediately began thinking about potential garden "events."  (As per typical with me, I see my house merely as a portal* to my backyard.  That is probably why I can't really get any decorating going on in there, much less any events!)

Looking at photos I've taken and magazine pages I've ripped out, I realize that I have already been thinking of events, I just didn't know that was what they were called in decorating parlance!  Whew.  I haven't totally missed the boat I guess...

One item I have been keeping my eye out for (and who came up with that saying?  And did they have a glass eye they carried around in their hand??) during my many excursions to thrift stores is a grouping of 5 balls, about the size of grapefruits.  In my mind they are painted bold colors -- probably each a different solid color, and they would have a shiny luster to them.  They would probably have to be something fairly unbreakable.  They would rest in a grouping in the grass.  Does that sound eventful?

And then the other day I came across these in the Uncommon Goods catalog (which I dearly love):
They are described:

The Golden Globes
Elegance goes eco-friendly with this set of six hand-blown, solar-powered string lights. These artisan-made glass globes feature beautiful swirling colors of sea green, blue, gold and purple. Perfect for decorating arbors, archways, trees, umbrellas, railings or eaves. The solar panel is designed to orient 360 degrees for optimum solar collection. The panel can be staked, hung or mounted. Powered by the sun, these turn themselves on at dusk and off at dawn. Hand blown in China. Each is one-of-a-kind and will vary.

Aren't they great?  I wouldn't hang them up; I would cluster them on the ground, maybe in a re-purposed copper bowl, or a grouping of branches fashioned into an oversized bird nest on the ground.  And they would glow at night!!  Ohhhhh.  I really must start buying lottery tickets.

* An unconscious shout-out to Harry Potter

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