Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Is there a chill in here?

Not yet -- but if all goes as scheduled, there will be tomorrow.  I give you the Samsung RF266AE[WP]:

And I'll just add that if you have your refrigerator model number memorized, you probably need to stop looking at refrigerators.

This has not been a fun process for me.  I'm cranky: 

#1, I am not a shopper.  I generally do not enjoy shopping.  Add in having to compare reviews, decipher minute model differences and hunt down floor models for viewing all over town... mmmm hmmm.  Yeah.  Not fun.  Oh, and then since this is a fridge that upon which Consumer Reports bestowed glowing reports, it's sold out and back ordered in many places. La la la la la la!

#2, I feel financially hijacked. Despite the fact that I got completely reimbursed for my old refrigerator, I did not exactly break even.  Apparently the refrigerators that DON'T burn your house down cost more!  Who knew?

#3, I am soooo weary of eating out.  The first few days it was sort of a novelty:  "Oh, gosh darn, I guess I have to eat out again tonight!"  Yesterday marked the beginning of week 3, and the novelty wore off, well, weeks ago.

#4, Due to all the eating out, I feel fat.  And doesn't that make one cranky?

#5, This lack of cooled space has had me changing my dog's home cooked meals diet, and we all know what happens when you do that.

And so, hopefully the delivery folks tomorrow will be reliable, and I'll be chillin' again.  Of course, I'll have nothing inside to chill -- no salad dressings, no condiments, no butter -- nada.  Which brings me back to the financially hijacked feeling.  Yeah, I know.  I'm sort of whiney today.

But on the upside, which I do generally choose to look at:

#1  I will not have one single thing in my fridge that is out of date.
#2  I will no longer have the guilt of that bottle of salad dressing that I didn't really like, but couldn't allow myself to throw out.
#3  It is indeed a beautiful refrigerator.  And I have a lovely home in which to plug it in.
#4  I like organizing things -- do you see all those little bins and drawers??  They are adjustable!
#5  I think the data sheet on this fridge said it has its own filtration system built in.  That means Red and I can cross "ice maker filter systems" off our Home Depot shopping list.  Score.

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