Friday, October 1, 2010

TX/OU Weekend

This weekend is the Red River shoot out here in Big D.  The Cottonbowl stadium seats 92,100 people.  Yes, ninety-two THOUSAND.  And it's always over full.  But if you are not attending the football game, then as a local, your game for the weekend becomes traffic-avoidance.  I have a hefty do-at-home list for this weekend to help me avoid all those folks who don't know their way around old East Dallas.  I won't accomplish all of them, but nothing gets done without a list.  Accordingly:

(1)  Patch drywall around kitchen remodel trim.
(2)  Enlarge opening for telephone jack in kitchen.
(3)  Harvest basil and make/freeze pesto (YUM!)
(4)  Once and for all, attach HVAC vents along baseboards. 
(5)  Plant fall garden.
(6)  Bundle kindling.
(7)  Replace screws in door jamb with longer ones
(8)  Replace weather stripping around front and back doors.

I have all of the necessary items for all of these (except seeds) so I shouldn't have to encounter any humanity on the roads to get them done.  So no excuses, right?  Hole up in the house and tackle the list!

Sunday morning from 10-3 I do have to be out; I am staffing the Habitat for Humanity booth at the State Fair.  My rationale is that the majority of people from the game the day before will still be in bed when my shift begins, and they will still be at home when I skedaddle out at 3.  Time will tell if I am right!

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