Friday, October 1, 2010

Be Small

Lately I've been reading a lot of back entries on the Tiny House Blog ( and following a lot of the links therein.  Very interesting articles.  Initially I went search of creative use of space ideas; storage, double-use items (function/storage) and things like that.  I was once again inspired by the lack of material things of these homeowners.  It's true -- how much "stuff" do we really need, and why do we have so much of it?  I am not a knick-knack type of person; it's a pretty fair statement that most items in my house have a function past decor.  (Mostly I loathe dusting.)  I prefer an open, airy feel, free from clutter.

My house is comparatively small (1,148 sq. feet.)  However, after reading about 100 square foot houses and watching video tours of them (the shortest home tours ever -- LOL) my place feels like a palace!  Interesting how one's perspective can change so easily.  Have you noticed the trend lately for smaller living?  I have, and I love it!

All of that to say, I've been on big de-clutter tear.  I went through two entire chests of drawers that had repeatedly been displaced from room to room as I re-decorated.   As I sorted through items I asked myself these questions:

(1)  Do I just love this item?
(2)  Have I used it recently?
(3)  Is it likely that someone else would appreciate it more than me?

I made a pile for Goodwill, a bag for trash, and a pile of things to be redistributed to their proper place in the house.  I was pleased to realize that these items had taken up 10 drawers mostly due to disorganization.  The trash pile was mostly broken hair clips and scraps of paper.  The Goodwill pile was small, too.  I have gone through this process more than once already since moving into the house, so mostly I was streamlined.  (But clearly very disorganized.)  As I heard someone else who lived in a small house with tiny closets remark recently, "When you live in  small space, and you re-organize, it's the domino effect from closet to closet."  Agreed!  My craft closet and my tool shed will both require a round of reorganization.  And I suspect that as a result of that, my Goodwill and my trash piles will begin again!  It never ending it seems.

So the empty chests of drawers:  I was going to just get rid of them, but then I thought if I ever do make the attic into living space they might be nice to have up there.  (Is this a remnant of not letting go?)   I bought them both at Goodwill for about $20, back in 2003.  I painted them, and put new pulls on them -- voila'!    (Yeah, so the knobs cost more than the cabinet...)  They have served me well, but they are sort of like dorm furniture... 

Anyway, I am so pleased with the reclaimed space, and the reduction of THINGS.

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