Monday, October 4, 2010

My Way of Lounging, Apparently

Ironically, one of the 2 tasks that I purposely removed from my weekend to-do list is the one large task that I tackled on Saturday:  Refinishing my front door. 

While in a yoga pose on my livingroom floor a couple of weeks ago I was appalled to realize that I could very nearly look out into the street under my front door.  Um, yeah, that needs some attention.

In an effort to avoid TX/OU traffic, Red and I had gone to a late movie Friday night ("The Town" with Ben Affleck:  2 thumbs up.)  Which lead to very low motivation Saturday morning.  Slept in... had coffee... went to breakfast... languished in the morning sun on my porch... ahhhhhh.  I thought I did "nothing" quite well.  When I finally dragged myself into a sitting position on the porch, searching for motivation, Red teased me that I really am unable to do nothing.  "Huh?  I thought I was doing nothing really well!"  I mean, I'll bet that was at least 20 minutes of lounging.

I knew that Sunday would be mostly blown in the getting-things-done department, because I had volunteered to help staff the Habitat for Humanity booth at the Texas State Fair.  The shift was 10-3, but realistically I knew that would become 9 - 4 at least. 

I looked at my scribbled to-do list... looking for the task with the least resistance that I could do, so that I could at least cross off one item by days end.  Ah, replace the screws holding in the door knob plate.  I learned recently that to make it more difficult to have your front door kicked in that you should replace the screws with 3" or longer screws.  Easy.  I already had the screws.  I ambled out to the shed.  Red settled in on the couch, aptly providing the needed moral support and troubleshooting.  I'm good with that.  I need moral support...  Don't you agree?  Tasks are easier to tackle with companionship?  It's true for me.

The screw replacement was pretty easy.  I did one plate on each of my three front doors.  (Yes, I really have three.)  I need to get more screws, because there are 2 plates per door and I only had enough screws to do one on each.  But, better than nothing.

My motivation was returning.  I decided to install the new interior weather strip on the bottom of my front door.  That was accomplished fairly easily.  I will not elaborate about the dusty fluff that fell out from behind the old one when it came off.  Eeew.  (Next time, as we say, I'll know that it is MY dirt.)  Since I was right there, I wiped down the door frame in anticipation of affixing new weather stripping.  Much less nasty.  I'm sitting there on the floor, in the open door frame, and looked at the sun hitting my front door.  My poor door.  It really needed some love.  It takes full sun... and gets beat with splashing rain, dutifully holding my stained glass panel.  I ran my hands over it.  Looked at Red.  "I wonder if I should tackle this project today?"  A non-committal response.  Hmmm. 

Before I really realize what's happening, I'm to the shop and back with fine grit sandpaper, my power sander, an extension cord... and things are happening.  I take my time, working in the morning sun, and hand sand the small grooves around the panels.  I power sand the panels.  I see that whomever provided a modicum of care to this door before me slopped varnish all over the brass door handle.  (Strikingly similar to door hardware that is totally painted over inside the house...)   I start working on that with steel wool.  "Oh MY -- babe, what color do you think this handle is supposed to be?  Because look at what's happening!" Ewww!  Years and years of ... what?  Red offers to take off the deadbolt and handle so that I can sand around them.  Nah.  Well, yeah, I guess so, thanks.  Just the top one.  Later on, "hey babe, can you take the second one off too?"  Then, giving in to the project, Red gets the Dremel out, and starts buffing the door handle.  WOW.  Shiny, beautiful brass! 

It was a great day.  The weather was sunny and beautiful -- no problem having my front door and screen doors open for hours --  I got to putter with a satisfying project with my guy hanging out with me.  The door is looking amazing!  I still need to apply the sealant; the stain needed to dry for 8 hours before it was sealed.  (That seemed like longer than necessary to me, but since it is my front door, I want to do it right.)  And at this point there's no rain in the forecast, so the door should be okay until I have at least 4 hours of daylight for my door to be open again.  I'll post a photo when I get the sealant on.

As for the other items on the list, I did get 2 of my 7 vents permanently attached.  They've been propped up because there isn't really anything to screw the screws into to hold them up.  It took a fair amount of rigging with small blocks of wood, but 2 down 5 to go.  I did the two that were the most annoying... more satisfaction, you know.

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