Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Elusive Gas Line

I got home last night to see that the utility locator company guy must have had pity on me.  He gave me the faintest marking in yellow -- without flags -- near the other utility markers -- presumably to ilustrate to me where the line is between the shed and the yard.  Wasn't that kind of him? 

THANK YOU Mr. Utility Locator Field Agent!
THANK YOU for realizing how ridiculous the situation was.
THANK YOU for thinking outside the box.

And, I am taking this as validation that staying calm with him on the telephone yesterday paid off (although I did express my disbelief...)  The optimist in me says, "See?  Two rational people seeing the irrationality of it all -- and working together."  I'd seriously slip him a $20 if I knew who he was.

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