Friday, September 10, 2010

Slow Love Life

That's the name of  Dominique Browning's blog -- and I love this recent post of hers:

As for me, I got the wall boards for my kitchen stained last night, along with all of the trim and quarter round.  Whoooeee my house was stinky!  Now I am ready for either polyeurathane (more stink to come, for sure) and/or installation -- whichever scheduling allows to come next. 

I am rapidly nearing the stage where I need to make a decision on shelving.  My dinner plates are 11 inches wide, so if my shelves are going to be flush up against the wall, they will need to be 12 inches wide.  If they are set out a little from the wall, then 11 inch shelves will work.  I also want shelving that is thicker than the usual 1/2 shelves.  I think they need to look more robust than that for the right look.  Home Depot, Lowe's and The Container Store have white melamine shelving, but I believe only 1/2 thick.  I think IKEA has 3/4" shelving, but it's hard to tell on their website; you have to plow through so many teeny tiny images to find what you want!  I may force myself to do a road trip up there this weekend.  (Waaay outside my 5 mile bubble...) 

I have out of town guests coming 9/22, so the pressure is on!  I'm best under a deadline though...

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