Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Ohhhh Hermine!

This will shock you, but I think I may have to start a new project:  Building an ark. 

I got eight -- EIGHT -- weather-related emails overnight from the National Weather Service.  Oy!  Apparently they weren't anything life threatening, (which is good since I slept through their buzzing on my phone) because I awakened this morning all snug and dry in my bed.  No surprise here, but all I want to do is hang out somewhere on a covered patio or porch (not mine, because mine is very wet!) and watch the rain.  It's just divine!  My rain gauge tops out at 5" and when I left for work today it was nearly overflowing.  That is since yesterday morning... and it's supposed to rain all day today.  Speaking of work, I chose what to wear today by what shoes I have with the thickest soles... Makes me happy.  Makes me want more rain barrels -- as if 210 gallons isn't enough -- but makes me happy.

I got the 2 largest of my dining room walls painted yesterday afternoon and evening.  With the wall texture, and the paint color, my walls look EXACTLY like a pan of my mother's brownies.  Strange, yes, but true.  Honestly, it made me crave brownies.  Her brownies.  And, I happen to know that last week she baked a double batch because 3 of my sisters were going to be home over this past weekend.  Lucky dogs.

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