Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Project Updates, II

I don't have any photos yet, but I did a little butterfly garden update this weekend.  I decided my parsley plant and my butterfly bush were past their prime and needed to come out.  They were 2 of my tallest plants (my parsley at one point this year was over 5 feet tall!) and couple that with the fennel plant that I took out a few weeks ago and you have a butterfly garden that had some major open spaces in it.

I finally let myself go to Redenta's Garden  (http://www.redentas.com/) for the first time in months -- SO FUN -- and picked up a few replacement plants.  Their selection this time of year wasn't over the top, but they did have a few things I liked.  One plant I've never had before -- it's called Lion's Ear.  Supposedly it blooms blossoms that are creamy white and apricot color that smell like honey.  I also got two butterfly weed plants that looked sort of sad but Carol at Redenta's said they would revive.  I got three little ground cover plants that have tiny fragrant yellow blossoms on them (can't recall the name) and two larger groundcover plants that bloom a purple-y blue.  (Also can't remember its name!)  I'll get names and photos posted when the rain relents.

I also bought 20 bags of cedar mulch (yes, I swapped vehicles with Red!) to spiff up my front and back beds.  It smells divine.  I had hoped to get them cut open and spread before the rain came, but I ran out of time.

Last week I had brought home a ton of paint color sample cards.  My neighbor helped me choose one, and it's called Clove, and it's by Martha Stewart.  I tried to find an eco-friendly no VO2 paint in a similar color but was unsuccessful, so I guess when I paint it is going to stink.  I hope to start taping and painting this week.  It is a bold color, but I think it will work in there; there is a lot of light.  Plus, I do want my dining room to be sort of cozy.  I think it will look great with the chandelier, too.

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