Friday, September 3, 2010

It's Happenin'! Demolition - YEAH!

I started my kitchen cabinet project yesterday afternoon!!  I spent 90 minutes on it -- and made great progress.

Good news:  Nothing creepy skittered out.  I didn't break any ceramic tiles.  I haven't done any unintentional  damage.  I didn't sustain any personal injuries.

Sort of neat:  I found an old pencil embedded in paint behind the cabinet...

What I learned:  My kitchen used to be painted brown, turquoise, and that awful chalky yellow color that was previously uncovered in the laundry closet.  Demolition is sort of fun.  I feel like it was made easier by the fact that I understood how it was put together.  (Yay, Habitat for Humanity!) And, as expected, the wall behind the cabinets will need some work to make it uniform. A variety of backing was used.

What's next:  I need to get help disconnecting the light over the sink.  That whole big piece up there is just waiting for one good pull and it will all come down.  But there are some things I don't do, and electrical things are one of them!

I have too many progress photos to post, but here's a "before" photo and then the current status; if you want to see the slide show, email me and I will send it to you.  (A new blogger editor is making my photos a little wonky; not sure they will all publish...hmmmm)

I am already loving the wide open feeling and the new look!

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