Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I watched an episode of Iron Chef last night. The competing chef was vegetarian, and she has a vegetable restaurant (she clarified that it is not a vegetarian restaurant -- I am not exactly clear on what that means because I don't see any meat on her menu...) and the name of it is Dirt Candy, because that's how she views vegetables. I may have to start using that term... Here's her definition:

"What is dirt candy? Vegetables, of course. When you eat a vegetable you're eating little more than dirt that's been transformed by plenty of sunshine and rain into something that's full of flavor: Dirt Candy. It's also the name of my restaurant, which opened in October, 2008."

To give credit where credit is due, here is the link to her restuarant:

It looks fab -- I'd love to go -- but NYC is not really on my wish list of destinations... If you watch Iron Chef, go to her website for a fun 3 part blog entry that details her experience on the show. Very fun to read! Amanda, I think you're great, even if you did lose to Morimoto! I'm sorry that you didn't get to cut off his ponytail! LOL

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