Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Labor Day Weekend -- will you be laboring?

The Labor Day long weekend is in a few days -- yeehaw! I plan to be laboring...

I hope to take out my upper kitchen cabinets on the sink side, and put up open shelving, and/or maybe paint my dining room.

I'm thinking the dining room will be some type of butter or gold color. Supposedly that is good for dining rooms -- looks good in candle light for dinners -- and my chandelier is gold-ish. I haven't even picked up paint sample cards though, so nothing definite!

I also want to go look at wallpaper. I know -- who does wallpaper anymore? But I saw this really cool grass cloth wallpaper that I would like to put up in my little hallway. I've heard it's spendy, but it shouldn't take very much to do that little area. Have you ever hung wallpaper? I have not... plus I heard that type is difficult to hang. Hmmmm. I need to speak with a professional! LOL And UGH, the thought of going to a wallpaper book place makes my toes curl...

Here is a photo of one type of grass wallpaper:

I think it would give a nice cozy feel and some character to that small space.

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