Monday, July 23, 2012

Kitchen Whitewash

One afternoon last week I had finally had enough* of the awful putty colored kitchen cabinets that remained on the fridge side of my kitchen. 

Here's the before:

And here's the after:

Are they REALLY white?  Yes.  Maybe too white?  Perhaps.  Did I mistakenly grab the interior "flat" bucket rather than the interior "eggshell" off the shop shelf?  Yes.  Do I care?  Not really - it's still a major improvement in my eye.

Bottom line is, it's brighter, cleaner, and it's a great base if I decide to do something else in there...

* Were you worried about where this sentence might end up?  I was.  But relax, it's only painting.



Carolyn said...

That's an amazing difference! I love how a coat of paint has the magic to transform things.

Project Girl said...

Carolyn - I think that's the fastest comment in the history of my blog! lol

I love the fast transformation of paint, too. This particular project was so transforming for me it was almost cathartic.

Thanks for stopping by!
Project Girl