Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Bedroom Door Frame - finally some progress

Red and I spent a fair amount of time this weekend inside (outside it was 107!) working on the beleaguered door frame project. 

How did we get here?

The bedroom side of the bedroom door frame was done, except for missing plinth blocks at the bottom.  The hallway side of the bedroom door frame needed sheet rock and trim.  We made great progress -- in fact, pretty much all that remains on the actual door frame is the polyurethane coat alternated with a bit of sanding.  (Considering that I started this project in August of last year...it's about time it neared completion...)
I'm out of practice on documenting the project steps as they happen, so all I can give you today are end product photos.  Before photos were taken we cut and patched sheet rock around the door frame.  We taped, bedded, (I may have Miss Collins, my junior high home ec teacher, to thank for my wrist action/cake frosting lesson...) textured (go ahead, as me about a rubber glove and a dinner plate covered in foil,) painted the sheet rock.  (FUN - No, really, it was fun!  I'm serious!)  Then the wood trim went up.

Need to touch up paint above door with flat, not eggshell...
Inside this door to the right is the short part of the now exposed wood wall.  There we got corner trim installed, and pulled off the baseboard to remove the sheetrock that was behind that.  With the sheetrock gone, the baseboards were too short to meet properly in the corner, so we re-did those as well as the quarter-round that trims them out.

Isn't that wood beautiful?
And then I finally got my "rigged" shoe shelves painted silver to match the closet doors:
I'm still working out this portion of my "closet."  My winter coats and sweatshirts hang above the shoes. At the time that I installed the IKEA closet system to the left, I couldn't extend the closet here because of the swing of the bedroom door.  Now that I have decided to put in a sliding barn door on a rail, this corner could become an enclosed portion of the closet.  Work in progress...
Here's the plinth block at the bottom of the door frame:

I intended to use the old ones that were original.  I removed them with care, and sanded them down (81 years of paint, people!) only to discover when I was done (with two) that they were too small for the new trim!  I considered not using any at all, but I do like the look.  I researched them - styles and periods - and ultimately just bought some at Home Depot.  Boring.  But they work... I also had to look at many photos about placement and size - and best I can tell this is indeed how they should be placed.  So.  There it is:  the new plinth block.  If I have counted right, ultimately I will need 28 more of those...

Next up?  The removal of the sheet rock from behind the bedroom baseboards along the wall on the other side of the door, addressing the bane-of-my-existance HVAC vent, and possibly oiling the wood wall.  Stay tuned.


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