Monday, February 6, 2012

Pennies in the Garden

I finally finished my alternative gazing ball this weekend -- a bowling ball covered in pennies.  Here it is!

I set it just inside my pedestrian gate -- you can see it from both sides of the fence.  Sort of fun.

I saw on Pinterest this weekend another idea for re-purposing bowling balls -- painting them to look like ladybugs:

Photo courtesy of Birds & Blooms
I have another second hand bowling ball, but for now it will just be waiting in the garden shed...


Anonymous said...

What did you use to glue the pennies on, and how well did they stay on? Thanks!! Cute idea!!

Project Girl said...

Hi! I used a tube of Marine glue that I bought in the paint department of Home Depot. Here's the in-progress post about this project, in case you didn't see it. Thanks for stopping by!;postID=864265430551603500