Monday, February 6, 2012

Follow Up Post - My Cold Kitchen

A few posts ago I blogged about Red and I getting under my house and adding some sheets of insulation in an attempt to remedy my kitchen always being cold. 

Last night was the first night since then that it has been chilly; this morning my kitchen was cold. 

I'm sure the insulation helped some, but there must be more that needs to be done.  I already know one problem area -- it's behind the dishwasher.  I've insulated the exterior wall under the sink, and I tried to insulate the area behind the dishwasher, but I couldn't reach back behind it well enough to really get the insulation taped into place like it needs to be.  When I stood in front of the dishwasher this morning in bare feet my feet were instantly cold.

When I saw Red this morning I related the kitchen "fail."  We talked about the dishwasher space, and what that exterior wall looked like when we tore the upper cabinets out, and how thin the wall was. (I could see exterior brick in one place!)  Well you KNOW where that conversation led to -- fantasy talk of ripping out the lower cabinets.  Really.  Just give me a reason.  I told him I don't have very many things stored under there... and that I seriously could use some 1x12s on saw horses and a mud room/utility sink until I remodel my kitchen and I would be happy.  The frightening part?  He wasn't even surprised.  Uh-oh.

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