Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy New Year

If you can't read it all -- here's the plain text:


Embrace change; merely accepting it probably won’t be enough. The change you don’t ask for is often the best kind. Declutter the house. Be ruthless in what you throw away & keep only the things that serve a purpose or that you truly love. Finish off the backyard with granite. Listen to the voice in your head (it may not be yours). Be frugal. Dig in the dirt. Live in the moment, but focus on long term goals. Do yoga daily, even if it’s only 10 minutes. Really listen when the people you love are speaking. Make a plan, and start executing all those ideas in your head. They will be fabulous. Wear more hats. Appreciate your dog and her loyalty. Do your best to wake up happy and stay that way. Be content with what you have. Plant a tree in the yard. Allow other people’s actions to roll off of you; you are not responsible for how they behave. Read more books. Be content with what you have. Be kind to strangers. Get to know your neighbors; you all have something in common. Grow flowers and give them away. Drink more water. Get balance into your life. Start playing tennis; (get a cute skirt.) Be sure you have a Plan B. Get under the house and finally figure out why the kitchen is always cold. Be honest with the people you love. Ask for what you need; be specific. Recognize the progress you’ve made and give yourself credit where credit is due. Strive to live smaller. Find new ways to recycle and reuse. Try new things even if you think you won’t like them. Explore the City. Buy an old bicycle at a pawn shop & put a basket on it. Don’t let the laundry pile up. Manage your expectations. Cook more, eat out less. Give yourself more avocado facials. Pursue the little house dream. Absorb the grace in silence and stillness. Finish projects. S k i p  t h e  d r a m a. Eat foods in their natural state. Appreciate that you have choices and accept the consequences. Continue lifting weights, in fact, do it more often. Take more time to hang out with friends. Have courage. Let yourself buy the good coffee beans. Ask why. Make the effort to buy local.

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