Friday, January 13, 2012

Absent. I know.

Yeah, I am still around.  But I've been... busy?  I guess just busy with life, and it's been so cold (for me, for Dallas) and it turns me into some kind of hermit.  I've done a little better with coping with the cold (I can hear Red laughing from here) with continuing to take dog walks even though it's below 40 and windy and I've even come home from work and left again!  after dark!  a few times so say what you want, but for me that is progress.  I really do hate. being. cold.

I worked some more on my bedroom wall, and door frame, but nothing really photo worthy.  I retrieved my nice lumber from the inside-the-house-pile for staining.  I found 1x8s and 1x6s (I'm pretty sure I meant to buy 1x6s and 1x3s, but honestly, it's been so long since I bought those that I may have had some great plan that I have forgotten.)  I wood conditioned and stained the 1x6s and they are beautiful.  I decided that I would poly them indoors, after installation.  I cut the piece for the horizontal part of the door frame, prefit it and it fit satisfactorally.  And then remememberd that my small nail gun is in the shop.  Hmmm.  I was on a roll and really wanted to install.  I scrounged around for the proper finish nails to nail in by hand, but only found 4 -- well, a start, right?  And then basically just had a "fail" with nailing the first piece in -- not enough hands, even with clamps, and too much hammering in a hard to reach area -- in the end post-poned in favor of waiting for my nail gun.  And in the meantime, maybe I'll get to Home Depot and buy and stain my 1x3s and I'll be able to install all of it at once and won't that be satisfying?

I've picked away at some of the linen threads around nails -- I have maybe 1/3 of the wall done -- but I haven't addressed the base boards or the corners.  The weather is supposed to be nice this weekend, so maybe I'll get a move on again.  But still, the nail gun hold up (see what I did there?  Gun?  Hold up?) I need to call and check on repair status...

I've glued two more rolls of pennies on my bowling ball -- if you haven't been following I'm sure that is a confusing sentence -- and it's still a fun project that I like.  If you are one of the confused folks, you can read about it here: 

I've also fallen back into the tiny house dream vortex...  it's so deep and dangerous... some inspiring reading here: (Go Ella go!)

Meanwhile, I'm just juggling a lot of peripheral life things (like everyone else) that are not blog appropriate.  And my work is getting very busy, scheduled to reach a fevered pitch late March through early April.  And I am spending far and away too much time on Pinterest.* But Spring is coming (do not point out to me that we are only in the second week of January, I do not want to hear it) and at least one friend has already ordered her garden seeds and plotted out her garden boxes.  See?  Spring.  Coming. 

And, I'm working hard on implementing phrases from my 2012 manifesto into life and am pretty darn pleased with that.  Specifically I'm doing more yoga, I'm cooking more/eating out less, my laundry basket has not yet this year taken on life threatening proportions, I am taking the time to hang out with friends and I am being a better listener.   My kitchen floor is still cold, but I am indeed drinking good coffee. 

* But it is fostering several things on my manifesto!  (Queen of Rationalization crown firmly affixed to head.)

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