Monday, December 12, 2011

Package Delivery!

I finally finished these this weekend!  This is the project that I've been talking about but wouldn't blog about...

Looking at the photo, I see that I have them off center on the blue pot -- I need to adjust that.  And I need to add a bow on the bottom and middle packages too -- I ran out of the red ribbon.  Ribbon never seems to go as far as I think it will when I am estimating...

At any rate, I'm pretty happy with them considering I didn't have instructions for them.  I saw a photo of them on Pinterest which I have posted below.  The woman who made them made them out of plastic and covered them with scrapbook paper.  Her porch, apparently, stays dry.  Mine gets the full brunt of any weather, so I knew the boxes would have to be quite a bit more substantial.

Via Pinterest

My painting isn't as clean as I would have liked (the fleur de lis are upside down for example -- THAT was irritating when I realized I had the box upside down while painting!) and the box edges aren't as perfect as I would have liked -- up close you can see caulk/sealant and some uneven wooden edges -- but from a distance they are passable.  I hope they last several years.  Ho ho ho!

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