Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Yoga Under the Steps

This was my space for yoga yesterday afternoon:

Check out the date stamp in the corner of the footing!  Happy.

I did the "plank" pose many times --

and I did this locust pose quite a few times --

My personal variation was that, when my arms were outstretched like that I had a drill in my hands.

Are you on to me yet?  The yoga was a side benefit to affixing the final pieces of lumber for the steps to the steel frame.  I am the original multi-tasker.  I could also say I was doing hot yoga, because the temp was 100 yesterday.  At least I was mostly in the shade.

My tools?  Two rugs that my parents made.  My nifty new miniature rechargeable drill.  My indoor hand mirror.  My cap light that affixes to the brim of a ball cap.  A Sharpie marker, and a box of screws.  Off we go.

Immediately I regretted not marking the planks as to which one when where.  What was I (not) thinking??  Stupid.  Two of the boards had a little square mark from where the clamps had been, so I had a 50/50 chance of getting those two in the right place.  I recalled that one plank had a split in the end, and I thought I recalled where that one had been... so that left me 3 to jockey between 2 steps and rotate end to end until I figured out what position made the 8 holes line up.  It seemed like about 30 times that I alternated from squatting in front of the stairs where normal people access steps, and laying on my belly under the stairs, down there where the spiders live.  Oh, and let's not forget snakes (see previous post...)  I had just been under there a few days prior, and surely I had unintentionally cleared out all the spider webs.  And yet... lots of dangly sticky things.

The project took me a good two hours -- I put in 40 screws.  I didn't count how many times I scooted under the steps on my belly, got something in place, and then scooted out and went around to the front of the stairs for the front part. (Did I mention yet that it was 100 degrees outside?  Oh, yes I did.  Nevermind.)  The underside where the screws went had a vertical separation underneath so I could only reach one half at a time. 

Here's a view looking up at the underside of a step:

That gray line down the middle?  That is a "fin" that hangs down about 4 inches and runs from end to end of each step.  You can see a strip of wood on the far right, where the wood overhangs the front of the step.   You can understand why I needed a hand mirror and a flashright, right?  There was no way to see where I was working -- and what's more fun than totally reversing your view of your workspace??  As a side note, I nearly failed geometry in junior high.  Reversing everything?  Rock on!

Here's another view of the workspace:

See how the rug drops off steeply to the right?  That, and about a foot deeper is where I had to get with the drill.  Lovely!

Anyway, I got it done:

And just because we can, let's look down from the landing:

Obviously still more wood preservative to apply... note the drastic color change.  I can't believe the sun has faded the wood so much so fast!  Welcome to Texas...

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