Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Penofin - done!

I finally got the last portion of the ipe treated with the Penofin preservative.   It had a few application constraints -- scrub it down, let it dry 48 hours, apply when the wood is cool to the touch, wipe it down 20-30 minutes after application, oh, and only do it when there's no chance of rain for 24 hours... oy.  This was my third round.  I had scrubbed it down Friday morning.  It was ready for the application Sunday morning -- and I was not going to let the window of opportunity pass.

I awakened Sunday morning with a really bad stomach ache.  I had a little bit of coffee on my porch with neighbors, and as our conversation lingered I found myself shifting from sitting in the porch chair, to laying sideways in the chair, to laying on the porch itself with just my legs up in the chair, to laying stretched out on my stomach on the porch.  Obviously we were there for a couple of hours... but man, I felt like dirt. I was trying to build up the motivation to mow my lawn, and to apply the final treatment of Penofin before it got to 100 degrees outside.

Finally we decided we should all get on with our day.  We stood up, cleared the cups off the porch, neighbors left, and I promptly tossed my cookies.  Ahhh.  No wonder I felt like dirt!  Well, you know the lull after you throw up when you think -- "Oh!  I'll probably feel better now" ?  That's when I dashed out and did the Penofin:

I know, right, because that's what normal people do?  Throw up and then go apply a stinky wood preservative?  I'll tell you, the waiting 20 minutes to wipe off the excess didn't happen. I waited about 10, and then cranked up the ceiling fan and crawled into bed.  I just crawled out of it this morning.

But damn, my steps look good.

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