Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Morning Harvest

I hadn't walked the garden in a few days, and this morning I found these to harvest:

The trellis for the cucumbers worked just beautifully!  Re: the one yellow crook-necked squash -- I had yanked out all my zucchini out of frustration -- knee high, beautiful bountiful blossoms and no fruit -- and left this plant remaining.  Maybe it sensed it's days were numbered... LOL  I have another squash plant left -- I can't recall what type -- and it's doing the same thing -- no fruit -- and the melon vine would really like it's box space, so... well... I think you get the picture.  Produce.  Or else.  You've been warned.  And I finally got a tomato before whatever rodent has been enjoying nocturnal dining got it.  Victory!  (I put netting over the plants this morning, hopefully to enjoy more tomatoes!)

And my Sugar Baby Watermelon vine is just covered in blossoms and these little tiny grape-sized melons:

I hope I get a zillion of them.

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