Thursday, May 26, 2011

Making it happen

It's amusing to me -- Home Depot will apparently rent anything to anyone.  (Well, anyone with a valid DL, a major credit card and current proof of insurance --)   I give you Exhibit A:


This is a new, Super Duty something-or-other with a 3,000 pound payload (I like that word, can you tell?  I'm not even sure that I am using it correctly.)  For a $25 deposit you can drive it all over town.  It has gigantic side rearview mirrors, an alarm that sounds if you overload the bed, and when you reverse?  It beeps as though it were a very large piece of equipment.    And, if you normally drive one of the smallest convertibles on the road, this IS a very large piece of equipment.  My advice?  If you see one of these trucks around town, give the driver a wide berth -- just like I do when I see those U-Haul rental trucks.  You KNOW that isn't the vehicle that those people regularly drive.

Keith, my local friendly tool rental agent had no issue whatsoever with handing me the keys.  He did advise me that there was good news and bad news:  The truck is brand new.  Deadpan.  Get it?  Right:  don't mess it up. 

Portions of the drive to the gravel place -- about 5-6 miles -- were white knuckle driving.  I am a can-do type of girl.  I am.  But those mirrors?  They seemed to stick out a LONG WAY.  And the center light poles seem so close!  Every time one came up and I didn't clip it I was relieved.  And then -- road construction.  Those long lines of vertical concrete dividers that make the lanes seem oh so narrow?  Ahh ha ha ha ha.

As I drove, I mentally re-framed the experience with affirmations that it's good to push your comfort boundaries.  And really, it was sort of fun.  I was riding really high up.  And, here's a shocker -- fellow drivers seemed to do double-takes when they saw pigtails in the driver's seat.  I'm not going to tell you that wasn't entertaining.  It made me wish for my hard hat from my office bookshelf, just for shock value.  (Oh yes, I do have one.  Truthfully?  I have 3.  I know.  You're jealous.  I would be, too.)

And before I knew it, I was here:

I got out of the truck, my receipt in hand, and waited for the front end loader...   A guy in a truck with a little flatbed trailer got in line behind me.  I could tell, he was jealous of my truck.  Even if it was just a rental.  And then -- !

Here he comes!!

The truck sank considerably when the granite was dumped in.  As I drove the circular drive to get out of the area I called Red.  When he answered I said, "You know, they will rent anything to anyone..."

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