Tuesday, March 22, 2011

You know me as Project Girl, but ...

Last night my fervant hopes of a decent dinner and home pedicure in front of my DVR came true.  It was ... refreshing to take a night off from projects.  Go figure, I really am in charge of my time.

I got off early today and did the first of two rounds of sanding of the platforms.  I "could" have done the second round, and done the design, but you know what?  I went for a facial, and then came home and read a Reacher novel and had a glass of wine on my porch instead. 

And now, I've finished another decent dinner in front of my DVR (it's true, those two things CAN go together) and now I'm on my wireless internet on my couch.  Porch doors wide open, listening to birds chirp.  Ahh, gluttony.  Who am I??

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