Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Morning Garden Walks

Sort of by chance I did the my first morning garden walk of the year this morning.  And as it turns out, it looks as though I could have done one a few days ago -- so many perennials are up!  The delay made this morning extra fun.  By the time I was done I was practically skipping. 

By far the most exciting discovery was that my raspberries are starting to bud!!  The two plants that are budding are from the first batch of canes that I transported from Minnesota.  I can't wait to call mom and dad this afternoon and tell them!

Also budding out in the backyard, my hydrangea:

Now I was excited and I pushed back the straw and cedar mulch and discovered a very happy Italian Oregano plant --

All over the yard, front and back, most everywhere that I looked I saw bright green baby leaves sprouting out of the straw and mulch.  Chives are back.  Russian sage, marjoram, several butterfly nectar flowers are sprouting, my potted batface ("BATFACE!") plant on the pedestal, purple coneflower... the list goes on.  I took a lot of photos -- too many to post -- but great for documenting my garden file.  Oh, happy day.  I can't WAIT for my sister to arrive on Saturday -- she says she wants to garden -- and suddenly there is a lot to do.

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