Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Final Step

Arr, arr, pun intended.

James' steel crew came back yesterday and cut off the hand rail that extended beyond the bottom step.  You'll recall that it appeared to lead down into the ground to a fall out shelter.  Or, as I preferred to refer to it, to my (sadly non-existent) wine cellar. 
They are welding the new cuts closed.

Grinding down the new welds prior to painting
Steel workers and welders do not travel lightly...

This was the final work needed on the steel portion of the project to complete it.  I'm sure that James and his crew are happy about that.  I still have some work to do -- the ground needs to be leveled out there where it meets the stairs.  It's likely that the bottom step will be buried.  I think I am going to rent a tiller for that since the dirt got packed down pretty hard by the forklift and many sets of boots.

Remaining work is gutter re-work to accomodate the rain barrel and the canopy rain run off, Vic needs to come out an finish affixing the lumber, and I need to do dirt leveling and landscaping.  I think I want to plant a whole bunch of different types of ferns under the deck area.  My neighbors and I have decided that under the platform is our new tornado shelter.  Our dogs already have harnesses to tie off on the posts so that the winds don't carry them off, we'll need to get some...

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