Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Happy Hydrangea

My hydrangea is super happy it's Spring.  Nearby I noticed my American Beauty Berry and my Natchez Mock Orange have tiny green buds as well; too tiny to be worth photographing, but I am encouraged.  No sign of life on my Night Blooming Jasmine yet.

Today I ordered 10 Jersey Giant Asparagus crowns... excited about that.  I need to plot out the best place to plant those, because they live 10-25 years.  Years!  I remember the family story that mom asked dad for some asparagus plants at the house I grew up in (where they still live) and he planted a quarter of an acre of it.  Um, yeah.  That's a whole lot of asparagus.  So yummy though.

I am miffed with myself that two days in a row I've forgotten my garden wish list at home.  I'm trying to remember all the great garden brainstorming I did and all of the (surely fabulous) ideas my neighbors and I came up with, but I'm not having a lot of success.  Difficult to order seeds when you can't recall what you wanted!  Ay yi yi.  I think there were moonflowers involved...

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Beyond Indigo said...

I love the first sign of spring! How much fun. It makes me giddy!