Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Ahhh.  We are back in the 70's where we belong.  I am always surprised at how much happier I am when the temperatures are moderate.  I have more energy, and I am over all happier person.  As I told a friend yesterday, "I am ALIVE!  I am out from under my afghan, and out of the fetal position..."  I've dog walked every morning this week before work - yay me!

My livingroom rug finally arrived!  I need to snap a photo to post.  Of course, its arrival is generating other changes.  Shocking, really.  Yeah, I know, not really.

Every day I think, "maybe today I'll hear about my steps..." I know they are so close!  I am nervous about installation; first actually getting the 2 structures down the driveway and around the corner, and then the lining up of the steel legs with the foundations and the kitchen floor height.  Makes me want to hide in the carport and just wait until it's done.  I can't look!  But I can't not look!  I can already see it...

My gardening neighbor and I getting together for a couple of hours on my porch Thursday evening with garden catalogs and a glass of wine.  Ah, Spring garden dreaming.  Dream big or go home!  Oh, I am home.   Hmmm.  I have a pile of garden catalogs that I've received in the mail and I haven't cracked open the covers on any of them!  So fun.  We may also get her birdfeeder hung outside her kitchen window.  She's seen what a birdwatching geek I've become with my livingroom feeder, and wants to do some of her own.  It will be a little tricky -- like my kitchen window, hers is really high.  So filling it will be tricky.

And I still haven't shot my 4 minute video for the HGTV'd contest.  Have you heard about it?  HGTV is traveling around the country like Ed McMahon, knocking on doors and saying, "You've been HGTV'd!"  Honestly, if that actually happened to me, I would probably pass out from glee.  I plan to submit [text hidden to keep my spectacular idea all to myself... LOL]  I was going to submit my kitchen, but I looked at other submissions, and there were over 4000 kitchens!  I guess everyone wants their kitchen done... Cha-ching!  I have a kitchen -- I don't totally love it but it functions -- I want [yes, well, this is more hidden text].

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