Friday, February 18, 2011

The Rug!

Here's the new rug:

I have mixed feelings about it, but have decided to keep it. 

To assauge myself, I'll make some minor changes to the room; I'm going to stencil some dark brown (leaves?) on that tall skinny white lamp in the corner to try to draw the brown up and into the corner. 

I'll swap out some pillow covers with ones that have more chocolate brown in them. 

And I still plan to swap out that round table.  I've been wanting to switch it, because I feel like it's a little too large, but now the color is wrong too.  I could paint this one -- but gosh, I just spent several hours refinishing it and I can re-purpose it for outdoors -- so I don't want to apply paint. 

And then I think moving the rug to be further under the couch will be good too.  It's a little bit too far out into the room. 

Despite my hang ups about rugs (that's a whole other post... already the hair product post got WAY too long) it does feel really nice under my feet.  What do you think?

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