Friday, February 4, 2011

Super Bowl Snow

I'm home from work again today due to weather; this is the 3rd day this week!  I've burned through (pun intended) probably three-fourths of my wood pile.  I've had cozy fires all day every day.   Tuesday and Wednesday we had an ice storm with ridiculously cold temps and high winds.  There are even state wide rolling black outs due to the cold, although they have not thus far affected my house.  Red had 3-4 of them on Wednesday.  It made working from home... challenging.  

Tuesday I made a big pot of soup and had 3 neighbors over for lunch -- we were all stuck at home. 

Wednesday I had such great fireplace coals that I called a neighbor with girls and they came over and made living room s'mores.  We threw down big floor pillows, made skewers out of coat hangers and had a little s'more party.  It was awesome! 

Yesterday I went into work briefly but did not drive myself... and this morning I opened my roman shades to reveal this scene!

I have two more photos but for some reason Blogger won't upload them... hmmm..

I finally took Greta out for a walk this morning -- we hadn't been out since Monday!  She loved the snow.  Me, not so much.  I am forced to admit that it is pretty, though.  I've been filling my front window bird feeder every day -- the cold has given the birds quite an appetite.  I've been watching hairy woodpeckers, ladderback woodpeckers, tufted titmouse, cardinals, finches, chickadees, sparrows and blue jays.  So awesome!  Today I took a big pine cone, covered it in peanut butter, rolled it in bird seed and hung it in a tree with twine.  It was an instant hit!

I can only speculate that the weather is wreaking havoc with all the Super Bowl pre-game-day activities and travel.  Um, yes, well, did anyone tell you that weather in Texas is predictable?  Right.  I didn't think so.

I plan to spend the day working on an indoor project, and probably make another pot of soup.  Red is coming over tonight.  Ahhh.  Friday night.

Hopefully the weather will right itself by next week:  I have company company from WisCONsin, and I would sure like to show off how balmy our winters are.  Last weekend it was 75 and I had all my screen doors wide open! 

SHOUT OUT:  Hello to my sister and her husband who scurried out of Cairo during the night Saturday night.  Be safe, we love you!

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