Friday, February 4, 2011

My Current Biggest Dilemma

Lots of folks in Dallas this weekend have weather related dilemmas. 

Do I try to drive?  Even though few in Dallas know how to drive on ice?

What do I do if I am working, and I am hit by a rolling black out and I lose all my work product?  How upset am I allowed to get?

What do I eat if Papa John's is not delivering?

Who can I call when the nearby country club golf course lightning siren goes off repeatedly at 4 a.m.?  Nevermind that (a)  nobody golfs at 4 a.m. regardless of lightning; and (b) it does not lightning in a blizzard.

My dilemma?  My counter top compost pail is full and look where my compost tumblers are -- way back in the further-most corner of my yard.  Now that, my friends, is poor planning.

UPDATE:  I finally vowed to take care of business.  I cleaned out my fridge, gathered used coffee grounds, soup prep vegetable peels and my compost pail and trudged out to the tumbler.  Spun it around to get to the end that opens -- covered myself in snow in the process -- joy! -- only to figure out that it was totally frozen shut.  I should have predicted that.  Clearly I am out of practice in winter things.  (That pleases me.)

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