Monday, January 10, 2011


Many weeks ago while shopping for fabric for an unrelated project, I found this fabric remnant:

The flowers are almost beaded -- they are tactile.  There was only about 2 yards of it left on the bolt, and while I didn't have a project in mind for it, I "had" to have it.  Here is a close up:

I've been thinking of a design to paint on my dining room wall for a while... but hadn't been brave enough to try my hand at anything.  But this crysanthemum just calls to me!  Here is what is happening... I bought some poster  board, and cut a row of eyelets in it.  I tack one end in the middle, and tape the other end down, and then dab my finger in paint, dab it into each eyelet, and then move the strip to a new location.

Sort of makes you feel like your eyes are out of focus, doesn't it?  I hope that when I get it all filled in that it looks softer.  It looks sort of sharp and spikey to me right now -- I think I should have made the eyelets larger... 

I have placed it off center on the wall, and if I like it when it's done, I think I'll do 1-2 smaller ones somewhere nearby.  (This one is probably 4 feet in diameter.)  I paint a few spokes, and then I have to let it dry overnight so I don't smear it.   The good news is, if I hate it when it's done, I'm only out my time and $4.99 in paint. And I have more of the Martha Stewart clove shade of paint left, and I can just paint over it!

The paint I am using is an iridescent gold, which plays off the chandelier that was in the dining room when I bought the house.  (I think it's original -- how cool is that?)


The Daily Rant said...

This looks just like the chandelier my mother has. Which she's had for over 50 years - so I bet yours is original. I love chandeliers!

Project Girl said...

Several of my neighbors have similar fixtures, so we think they are original e.g. OLD. :::grin:::

Thanks for stopping by!