Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Halloween has long been one of my favorite holidays -- I don't take the origins too seriously -- and it's a fun excuse to be silly and dress up.  My neighborhood, specifically my street, really gets into decorating for all the Fall holidays.  My friends just laugh and tell me that I moved into the perfect neighborhood for all my geeky craftiness.  And they are right!

Accordingly, Halloween decor has sprung up on my street.  I had Red and his daughters and the good doctor over Friday night a few weeks ago for dinner, decor and s'mores over the firepit.  It was really fun!  And despite the protestations of "I've never done this before" and "I'm not very creative, you'll have to tell me what to do" the result was smashing.  Smashing!  Here are some photos:

And then, my next door neighbor spied a new type of web in a nearby neighborhood that she said we MUST SEE.  We piled in her car and off we went.  It was spectacular.  I was nominated to hop out of the car and scamper up to touch it, to see what it was made of.  (Basic clothesline rope.)  The old mantra, "Oh, we could MAKE that!" returned.  We went straight to Home Depot to procure supplies.  We had also stopped at Walgreens of all places, and bought the huge furry spiders.  By dark, two gigantic webs had been spun.  Then this past weekend, Red helped me spin mine:

Isn't it great??  (Note the third spider above the porch in the photo above...)  The best part is, we can use these webs again next year.  I'll try to remember to take photos of the neighboring webs tonight and post them.  I was going to try to connect my web to my next door neighbor's web, but I couldn't quite wrap my brain around how to do it.  Maybe next year.

A man and his son walked down the street while Red and I were making my web and the little boy shouted, "Dad!  This street is freaky!"  Priceless.

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