Tuesday, October 19, 2010

One Step at a Time...

This past Friday I drove out and met with James, my steel fabricator.  The meeting was short and sweet; he looked at the shop drawing edits and proclaimed that he "got it."  I gave him the Ipe samples, and the color sample of my gutters to match.

He is going to have new shop drawings made; he wasn't sure of the timing. He told me to poke him by email on Wednesday (tomorrow) if I hadn't received the detailed drawing for the footings. They will tell me where to put the footings, and how deep he thinks they should go. He said I'll need to "get moving" on the footings. That's encouraging, time-wise.

He is having trouble finding a powder coat paint place that has an oven large enough for the assembled pieces. He said he may end up painting it in his shop. He said if he does it in-house, not to worry, the paint will still last longer than I will be around to care about it. He said actually him painting it in-house is better, because if they nick it at all during installation he can match and patch the paint. If its powder coated they cannot touch up any nicks.

Paint color: If he does powder coat, there will be a set batch of colors that I can choose from. If he paints it in-house he can match my gutter color exactly.  He'll keep looking and let me know the results.

He also said if I want any holes drilled that he needs to know where before he assembles. That will require a little thought.  For hooks, I can come out to his shop after assembly before painting and point out where I want hooks added. Sweet!  It will be really fun to point out where I'd like hooks for garden clogs, garden tools, maybe hanging plants... 


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