Thursday, April 22, 2010

They Will be Berry Berry Good!

When I visited my parents in April, my dad dug up some raspberry canes for me. As in, I get to have fresh raspberries growing in my yard -- next year! I need to get the details from my dad, but one of my sisters told me that the canes are from Finland, or Sweden. Apparently my ancestors had a shovel, and then got on a boat...

Anyway, I am very excited! Raspberries were on my wish list (along with asparagus, blueberries and blackberries) but I had delayed getting them until next year, when I thought I would have a better handle on what the final layout of my yard would be. Because those plants are sort of .... permanent.

But when your dad digs up 16 raspberry canes, trims them, puts them to soak in a bucket for 3 days, and then you tote them across the country (I am leaving out a LOT of details here -- just trust me -- and have you also heard a similar story about BACON?) well, then you find a place to plant them.

For grins, I'm including a "before" photo of the area where they are planted, and then two "after" photos. There is a cane everywhere there is a red flag. Three of the canes have already started sprouting! Fresh raspberries are coming, folks. YUM!

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