Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wait for it -- !

Okay, I am losing my mind -- I swear I took photos this morning with the closet doors OPEN as well, but now I can't find them. I will have to add those later.

At any rate, WA-LAH!! This is my new IKEA wardrobe closet! Talk about room changing... wow. And remember I said how easy it is to find all your clothes when they are right out in front of you? Wrong. Once I started organizing, I found things I had forgotten I had... and sorted through everything and have a huge Goodwill pile. Hurrah!

It's hard to tell in the photos -- I couldn't get a wide enough view to show the glorious TEN FEET OF CLOSET -- but there are two big sliding doors in the middle, and then on each end is a smaller cabinet with a hinged door. The hinged door on the right is a full length mirror. Inside are double hanging rods, pull out drawers, pull out baskets, shelves and a jewelry organizer.

And remember the original closet that is inset into the wall? The third section of the closet has a "pass through" back into that closet! We took out the one clothes rod and added a couple of huge shelves, so now I have storage for things like guest bedding comforters, rugs, huge stuff like that that I don't need to get to very often. Perfect! (We joked about making that my "secret panic room" for storms etc. Especially handy since it backs up to the wine rack on the kitchen wall on the other side... LOL but elected to keep it for storage.)

I had Blue Box Home Services through IKEA deliver (the boxes were unreasonably heavy) and install the closet. Turned out to be money well spent: It took 2 guys who install this stuff for a LIVING from 9:30 to 1:15 on a Saturday to do it. Tom and I would still be trying to figure it out, I am certain, and probably wouldn't be any too happy about it. There was lots of "shimming" going on underneath, because surprise of surprises, my floors aren't totally level! NO! Say it isn't so! LOL

So, now I feel like a big girl with a new closet. Ahhh. I'll post interior photos soon. And soon I'll be picking out paint colors and window coverings. YES! I'm very excited.

UPDATE: 10/29 -- here are new photos! One is blurry. Sorry.

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