Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Master Bedroom Closet - (we use that term loosely.)

This is what the inside of the master bedroom "closet" looked like when I bought the house. Actually this is an improvement -- before I started taking down the wallpaper, I had to remove I don't know HOW many sets of those white wire shelving units. They were covering every square inch (which admittedly is not very many inches) of this closet, including the inside of the narrow closet door. I gave away most of the shelving on Craig's List -- undoubtedly it made someone very organized -- but kept one wall unit to use in my workshop. The closet was 37 inches wide at it's widest part. T I N Y.

Tom and I lined the closet with cedar, and put in one clothes rod at the top for me to hang long dresses, robes and coats. In this photo, we had removed the very cute door with the crystal door knob in preparation for the closet addition.

As a side note, see the wood behind the wall paper? That's what's behind all of the sheetrock in my house! It feels really solid and it's awesome for hanging things on the wall -- you don't have to find studs!

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