Friday, September 11, 2009

Window coverings - finally!

I have had such a struggle trying to figure out what to put on these doors for window coverings! They face northwest, so I get a lot of (hot) afternoon sun in them. They are also the doors that I use the most -- which means I didn't really want mini blinds or anything that would slap around when doors opened and shut. Plus I wanted to be able to open just the bottom panels for Greta to look outside, or just the top ones for privacy but still get light. So many requirements and such a dilemma!
I finally decided to sew fabric panels and affix them to the windows with velcro. I can reveal as many or as few rows of panes as I want. So far it's working pretty well -- and they are washable. Bonus.
This isn't a "forever solution" but it works great for now.

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