Monday, September 14, 2009

Toxic Microwave - Be Gone!

Remember when microwaves first came out and how monstrously huge they were? I had one of the original, circa 70's dinosaurs in my kitchen... and someone along the way had helpfully DRILLED A HOLE IN THE DOOR and added a cabinet pull for easy opening. Um, yeah. Probably not such a good idea. I am pleased to have it removed now -- my kitchen looks and feels so much better! It took 3 of us to hoist it up and off of the wall brackets -- it was so heavy! And I won't even discuss the vent on the bottom of the microwave and what it catches in 30+ years... Ay yi yi.

Once the beast was out, Tom and I spiffed up the remaining empty space. I put up some faux tin squares to cover up the very old blue and used-to-be-white wallpaper. We cut, stained and poly'd some 1"x12"s... and let's just say the cabinets aren't exactly square... (we found that out the hard way! ) Then added some quarter round to cover the unavoidable gaps from the not square cabinets, and affixed a light.
I realized after the fact that I "lost" my clock and my cook top light in the process. I found a stainless steel light that I mounted up top that works fine. I do probably need a clock; right now I am using my kitchen timer clock which isn't super convenient but do you really need to know what time it is in the kitchen unless you are entertaining? I can tell you this: My dog knows when it is 7 a.m. and 6 p.m. -- her feeding times -- and she lets me know. According to her, none of those hours in between matter.
I don't think I will be replacing the microwave... we'll see if I really miss one or not. My beloved toaster oven has stepped up to the plate quite nicely so far -- oh! And this cute little tiny kettle I bought for melting REAL BUTTER on the stove for my air popped popcorn. (My friend Beth will remember a similar one we used to use at her mother's house... with the ceramic bowl large enough to bathe a baby in, and very late night TV.... Ahhh fun times.)

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