Monday, April 2, 2012

Trellis Post Caps

I am in need of some creative brainstorming...

My privacy trellises are made from hollow pipe, so I need to put caps on the top ends to prevent them from getting wet inside and to give them a finished look.

I bought some caps that are made to fit the end of the pipe I bought, but their design is meant to be funtional not decorative so I need to transform them somehow. 

Here is a handful of views of them (see what I did there?  har har)

I could just paint them to match and string a top wire through them.

They could be the fixtures for a stabilizing cross-post, which I hope I do not need.

I could cut off the flange, paint to match and just have caps.  Boring.

I could use the flange as a support underneath something cute - of course that's what I really want to do - but what?  I thought about crafting felt birds to sit on top, but they wouldn't weather well.

I thought about affixing some object of colored glass that would catch the light...

I thought about carving some little wooden widget of some kind...

Do you have any ideas for me?  I need 4....

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