Monday, April 16, 2012

A Bit of Functional Fun

Spring is here, and Summer is definitely coming.  The yard work sun hats have made their reappearance for the season.  Last year they spent the whole Summer lounging all over my house as though they had no place to be -- and well okay, they didn't - I should be so lucky!

This year I have corraled them:

I put a small nail in the crown molding near the ceiling and looped a piece of twine over it.  Then I added sun hats with clothespins... slightly overlapping them over each other to hide the clothespin - well, except for the very top one.  Wa-lah!  Tidy hats and some fun color for a neglected slice of wall.  The whole thing makes me a little more giddy than it should.  I do love simple solutions!

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