Friday, March 16, 2012

Smothering. Or not.

Thursday morning I was out watering my garden - just about everything has sprouted - so fun! - and was looking rather forlornly at the huge patch of small weeds... wondering what to do about those...

I decided to give tarping them a try -- if it didn't work I wouldn't be out anything but the 10 minutes it took to put them down:

The dog was unsure about the whole set up at first -- sniffing around the edges -- but then!  Oh it's great fun to prance around on the tarps!  I think she was sure it would get her in trouble i.e. get her some attention but heck, I don't care... run your 70 pound self all over those weeds!  Accordingly, they quickly lost their allure.

Then I came to work, and Googled, "smother weeds with tarps" and everything I read said it won't work for a variety of reasons -- not totally dark under the tarps, or I should have tarped them much earlier in the season, and even then it would take 6-8 weeks (weeks!) -- the list went on.  So... there they are.  Apparently doing no good whatsoever.  I guess I'll pull them up this weekend.  At least the weeds "shouldn't" be thriving under there, right, the way they would be in the sunshine?  I've gotta go with that.

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