Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Kitchen Sink Follow Up

I'm happy to report the pipes under my kitchen remain leak free... whew! I'll admit to cringing every time I ran the water for the first few days, and then I'd shut it off and tentatively peer under the sink for water where it shouldn't be. A fear unfounded.

And, I asked Red to remove the hand sprayer. The hose from it always got hung up on the pipe down below -- ending up in me either yanking until it wriggled free or opening the cabinet and holding the sprayer with one hand and reaching below and freeing the hose with the other. (Red was horrified when I told him I'd often yank on the sprayer. In his words, "We may have identified the problem..." And, in retrospect, had I actually thought about what danger I was toying with I never would have done that...) At any rate, we do not need the pipes to be bumped or jostled with a sprayer hose, and we couldn't figure out a way to prevent it from happening that was worth the trouble.

Also, because the sprayer was right next to the faucet handle, invariably the sprayer hose would turn off the water on the way over to the left hand sink. Not convenient. In fact, both of those situations were way more frustrating than you'd think. (Maybe because I was already performing a less than enjoyable activity -- washing dishes?)

My solution was to buy one of those doodads (plumbing technical term) that switches your faucet to a sprayer or a stream and jettisoned the sprayer. Ahhhhh. I like it. It's the little things in life...  It's a cleaner look for starters, and there is no frustration involved. Don't look to closely at what I presume to be the original 1929 sink. The porcelain simply doesn't come clean anymore.

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