Thursday, June 9, 2011

A few garden notes

Eight of my 10 asparagus plants are up!  A couple of them are as high as my elbows!

And I have a few baby cucumbers!  I found them this morning.  I was getting worried that I was once again going to have a plethora of blossoms that just don't produce -- my cucumbers, yellow squash and zucchini are positively covered in blossoms, but so far no fruit -- until I saw these -- so maybe I'm just impatient!  (Yeah, whatever, keep those comments to yourself... lol)

This is my first year of trellising my cucumbers -- not exactly sure how it is going to work if the fruit gets really heavy.  I'm contemplating slipping knee high pantyhose over them and tying them to the trellis...  Have you trellised cucumbers before?  Did you have any issues with it?
And, my sunflowers are now officially taller than I am.  No signs of the heads yet, so presumably they are still growing taller:

The birds will love them...

Speaking of birds, this week I've found 2 baby birds in my yard who had shuffled off their mortal coils*.  They look like they probably fell out of their nests, because there is no way they were old enough to being trying to fly.  One was a sparrow, and one was a blue jay.  Sad to see.


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