Friday, October 29, 2010

The thrill is in the hunt . . .

I've hit a lot of thrift stores recently for Halloween costume items.  After being in several of them I remembered that I wanted to get mis-matched crystal candlesticks for my dining room table.  I'm sure that I missed all kinds of them -- darn it!  But the last 2 stores had these three that I liked:

I'll keep watching for more, although I will always want an odd number of them.  I added the bobeches to catch drips, but unless I want to pay close attention to them while they're lit, I'll probably still want to put something underneath the set to be safe.

I actually had bought a 4th candlestick in another thrift store, only to come home and see that it matched one of the ones I already had!  How random was that?  But, apparently meant to be, because I pushed too hard when I put a candle in one of them, and the crystal cracked and fell apart!  But then, the matching one was in the drawer!  Hmmm... what are the odds?

The mini pumpins are a seasonal addition... I'd like to figure out something non-seasonal that is a mixed texture to have out all the time.  Something rustic to mix with the crystal maybe?  I expect that will be a "I'll know it when I see it" item.

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