Monday, August 23, 2010

The Tree Man Cometh

If you read my previous post about old men, then you've seen the photo of the wood carved "tree man" that I found at a store in Fort Worth. I did my usual "I could probably make that" and made a mental note to watch around the neighborhood for a big (okay huge) log that would work.

On a dog walk a few days later, I realized that I had been circum-navigating around the perfect tree for months! My neighbor one block over lost a tree in the snow storm in February, and hadn't taken care of it yet, and it'd been blocking the sidewalk. I secured her permission to cut it down, and asked Red to help me. Here are the ensuing photos -- it was quite an adventure... A big thank you to my B.B.B. for providing the tools, muscle and truck to make this happen.

This next photo was taken just before the chain melted from bumping against the pavement and disintegrated! The log then rolled a few feet down the road (we were going uphill, Murphy's Law --) but thankfully ran into the curb before it rolled into my neighbor's car...

We got it as far as the end of my driveway... then we had to roll it up the driveway to get it to my backyard. Because one end is bigger around than the other, it kept rolling crooked and we'd have to stop -- because you know, we were rolling it SO FAST - not - and straighten it out. Uff da!

Once in the backyard, we heave-hoed it upright and braced it. It needs to dry some so that the bark can be removed. This is from a Pecan tree.

I already had these two pieces of wood that I was going to turn into little tables on wheels for my porch. Now they have been repurposed to be my practice pieces for the big piece! Perfect. They are not Pecan, but I'm hoping that won't make a huge difference...

I'll give your progress photos as I have them! I've never attempted anything like this, so it should be interesting.

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